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CW Bearing

Cixing Group Co., Ltd. has more than 4,500 employees, output value of nearly 3 billion yuan, The Group affiliated Jiangsu (Qidong Jinqiao Bearing Co., Ltd.), Zhejiang (Cixi Xunlei Bearing Co., Ltd., Ningbo Cixing Bearing Co., Ltd.), Anhui (Guangde Zhonlong Bearing Co., Ltd., Guangde Jincheng Bearing Co., Ltd., Guangde Jinrui Bearing Co., Ltd.). It has two foreign factories, one in The United States and the other in Germany.


Cixing Group Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized multinational private enterprise that develops and produces various bearings. The main core products are automotive steering gear bearings, tensioner bearings, chassis transmission system bearings, cooling fan bearings, constant velocity joint components, and brake systems. Use ball nut components and other automotive parts, and industrial robot bearings, home appliances and power tool bearings. In recent years, the Group has developed rapidly in the industry and has achieved many breakthroughs and awards. It is one of the few domestic enterprises that can simultaneously develop and mass produce high-end automotive bearings, industrial robot bearings and auto parts.

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More than 4500 employees
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Output was 3 billion
Export volume industry No.1
Top 10 enterprises in global bearing industry
Top 10 enterprises in Cixi
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